Looking for inspiration

Creating of one pair of shoes is an inspirational process for us. Before production we research ideas, something unique for a particular pair of shoes, which might reflect the demands of its owner. We find inspiration in any mark, word, pattern or perhaps colour that might connect the shoes to the client.


Here we determine just what kind of ‘life’ the pair of shoes might live. Office or outdoor, cycling or gala evenings? Once the purpose becomes crystal-clear, only then do we put our hands and machines to work.


We measure both feet to ensure the footwear will fit as a second skin. If needed, we create a specific mould or cast from which lasts and patterns will be made.

Choosing materials

Scheckmann footwear and accessories are made from natural materials. You can choose any from an extensive range of colours, textures and thicknesses. Exotic leathers are also available.

Practice makes perfect

Before we complete the finished product we create a trial version to avoid all possible errors and provide a perfect fit. Only when everything is measured and checked at least three times do we make the final ‘cut and pull’ – creating an original pair of shoes to be tested and assessed before shipping to our discerning customer.


Every pair of our newly hand made shoes is accompanied by its own ‘shoe-care’ booklet to ensure your Scheckmann shoes last for as long as you care for them.