Shoe polishing

For a perfect polish you will need:

Firstly, remove the dirt and dust with a piece of moist cloth.

Secondly, clean soles and welt between sole and upper with toothbrush. (Use the toothbrush with a colourless shoe cream and brush the welt until it is completely clean.)

Thirdly, remove old cream/polish. (Wind a piece of linen cloth around your finger, sink it into the colourless shoe cream and remove old polish with a series of rapid rubbing motions.

Fourthly, ensure the shoe remains weather-proof. (Wind a piece of linen cloth around two fingers, sink it into the colourless shoe cream and rub it into the leather in a series of strong circular movements - this will close the leather pores.)

Fifthly, finish with a final polish. (Moisten a piece of cloth and wind it around two fingers. Take a dab of coloured cream and polish with rotating circular movements, ensuring you cover the whole of the upper area from where you started. Lightly spray the upper with water, dab it with piece of cloth and polish the leather until it is shining all over.)

Finally, take a clean piece of cloth and rub the leather all over. (If you did the job correctly, this cloth will remain almost completely clean - it means the cream has been absorbed completely into the leather restoring a long-lasting shine and a weather-proof pair of shoes.