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Frequently asked questions

How will I start?

Contact us and arrange the first meeting!

Ms Sille Sikmann

GSM +372 5669 6298


Address: Pärnu Mnt. 154, Tallinn.

Appointments possible also at Lutsu 5, Tartu!

How does the ordering process go?

We need to discuss in depth with you the specific model and design you wish to choose. This helps to establish the concept. Then we measure your feet and create the lasts. Once you approve the concept, we define the patterns and call you to arrange the first trial. (If necessary, a second trial can also be arranged). At this stage you pay the first 50% (before the shoes are produced) and the final 50% when the shoes are completed to your satisfaction.

What does the measuring process involve?

We take precise measurements of your feet in our studio in Tartu (or in Tallinn upon request). The process lasts around 30 minutes. We can arrange personal visits if required and the necessary costs will be included in the final invoice.

How much time does it take to produce one pair of shoes?

It depends on the complexity and specific design of the model. The whole process may take several months. For example from 3-4 month, sometimes longer. During this time the lasts will be formed and the trials will be arranged, a similar process to an arrangement with your tailor. This ensures the finest quality of production and precision fitting to your feet.

What are the advantages of handmade designer footwear?

1. This footwear is constructed to encapsulate each and every personal characteristic of the owner’s feet – this ensures a unique degree of comfort when the shoes are worn.

2. This footwear is bespoke, it is personal, it is special, unique, and exceptionally eyecatching.

How long will handmade footwear last?

Proper care and maintenance will help to ensure the shoes last for as long as possible - longer than most and comparable to any others crafted in a similar fashion (assuming they are maintained in accordance with our artisans’ instructions).

Do you design orthopaedic footwear?

No, not at the moment, but we can advise you.

Does Scheckmann repair shoes?

No. Scheckmann artisans design only new shoes.